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Copwatch is an all-volunteer, community-based organization. The best way to help out is not necessarily with money but instead by volunteering your time and energy. Volunteer by coming out with us on a Friday night Copwatch shift and doing community outreach, or you can help by flyering, doing media work (for example putting our events on various web sites), helping set up events (like our upcoming benefit in January), etc. Also, if you want Copwatch literature to pass out to friends or other organizations, let us know.

Contact Josh at if you have questions as to how you can help out.


4 Responses to “Volunteer”

  1. Michelle said

    I’m super excited that Copwatch is going on in Sacramento. I would be very interested in volunteering, and would also be interested in passing out literature (I work for a community service organization and passing out this info. would be muy beneficial to our ‘clients’).
    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!

    • cadburyjedi, john h. said

      thanks for the comment, michelle. come check us out this friday at 6:00pm at Temple Coffee on J and 10th.

  2. Laura Rutter said

    Hello, I would LOVE to help out in watching out for the cause of “copwatch”,!! I just learned of your group this morning and would love to volunteer for you. I live in the South area in Sacramento Ca..and I KNOW that there is a GREAT NEED in the area of watching “SAC COUNTY”S FINEST” in our area. Please contact me A.S.A.P. & let me know how I can help.

    Thank you,
    Laura Rutter

    • cadburyjedi, john h. said

      hi laura,

      you can volunteer with us on friday nights. we meet at temple coffee in downtown sacramento. it’s on 10th between j and k. we meet at 7 and usually do a two hour shift, just walking around, handing out literature and stopping to do a copwatch if we see any cops. you should check it out!

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