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Copwatch Shifts

New Copwatch Time! We meet every Friday at Temple Coffee (on 10th between J and K) at 7:00 now (instead of 6). We’ll be heading off for our shift at around 7:15.


Copwatch shift: Friday, Jan. 22 at 6pm.  Meet at Temple Coffee on 10th between J and K. We’ll leave at 6:30.

Copwatch shift: Friday, Jan. 15 at 6pm.  Meet at Temple Coffee on 10th between J and K. We’ll leave at 6:30.

Copwatch shift: Friday, Jan. 8 at 6pm.  Meet at Temple Coffee on 10th between J and K. We’ll leave at 6:30.


Meet at Temple Coffee on 10th St. between J and K in downtown Sacramento at 6pm. We’ll leave for our shift around 6:15.


Sac Copwatch shift: Friday, Dec. 11. Meet at Temple Coffee on J and 1oth St. at 6:00pm.


We’ll be doing the K St. Mall again, unless anybody else has suggestions.  I’m really enjoying that area now because it feels like we have a presence there and the cops know us so they don’t even bother to ask us what we’re doing or try to intimidate us and get us to leave, which is pretty cool. It’s all about street cred. with copwatching. The more respect you get from the cops and the community, the greater the impact you can have.


Friday, Nov. 20. Meet at Peet’s Coffee on J and 20th. 5:30 pm.


4 Responses to “Copwatch Shifts”

  1. jay said

    So the shift on Broadway is out? Or is this post not updated?

    • cadburyjedi, john h. said

      i think so. i think we should stick to downtown for a while and establish a presence there. do some more flyering on k st too.

  2. Regina Gutierrez said

    Now when you say that you are a copwatching at the mall or some where else how are you watching???

    With cameras or just eye contact???

    I have found when doing copwatch on my own I use a small hidden camera so not to attract unwanted attention from the cops being watched…

    I also watch for criminals, as that is why I first started copwatching in the first place… It is ok for the police to arrest a criminal I just don’t want the police to beat or beat to death and or murder the criminal while arresting the criminal…

    I pay the police to enforce the law and not to abuse their privilege by taking the law into there own hands…

    A police officer works for me, and all tax payers and not the other way around…
    Currently, the police are now using military surveillance equipment to watch every body whether you are doing any wrong or not…

  3. Regina Gutierrez said

    Ex-CHP Officer Ruben Salgado, Sought To Have Informant Killed, DA Says:
    SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A former California Highway Patrol officer Ruben Salgado, accused of a murder-for-hire solicitation was trying to have an informant killed, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

    What else has this cop done in the name of the law???
    What sort of connections with current police officers and criminals does this police officer have???

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