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If you have been physically abused or have had your rights violated by the cops, or know someone who has, feel free to contact us so that we can help you get started with the process of filing a complaint against the Sacramento Police Department. We have Incident Report Forms that you can fill out to get the justice you deserve. If you need funds for bail or a lawyer, we can help you plan a benefit to raise some cash. Also, if you witnessed some police violence, your testimony could help out somebody, so feel free to let us know about it and we’ll try to help.

Or if you simply have a suggestion for Copwatch, know of an event going on that you would like us to be a part of or table at or have a question for us:

Email to contact us.


7 Responses to “File a complaint/Contact Us”

  1. robert felo said

    i was in invloved in a dui and december 14 ,2009 in yolo county arresting officer name unknown ,superviser unknown at this point but how ever they are chp i was tazerd in back of my head along with twice in my chest i feel hung over for over a week my thounge has a scorched feeling left hand has gone numb my head hurt ears are ring , i was admitted to woodland hospital chp told them i was ok then when they left he call me a big babie wahh wahh you fat fuckin tweeker your a peace of shit my kid could off been out there .you peace off shit and so on . so i aked why wont you leave me alone please why did you tazer me in my head he said shut the fuck up you peace of shit who are they going to beleave me or you with your fucked up record .when we wer in hallway for about 20min then we moved into next room and god as my witness my neighbor was in the room were admited to heard all his harrrasment and admit to exsesive tazering me because she had been there before and after my arivale her son is old enoughf to tetfi as well as neigbor who is in prosses of fileing complant i need a civil attorney i have been to doctor 4 times now my bp has elevated my heart hutrs, brain throbs ,forgetful short term memory , referd to specalest soon any info would help please let me know i have you tubed and when i watch them cook i can only wonder how i looked never read my right until took to chp station while my enter arrest record was read aloud i requested to not make a staetment he exclaimed good now im going to make this as deficult as possible for you . they took pictures off my chest but not tazer wound to head but we did .cant write much now head ringing.thank you for any help on this you wonder if you would rather be hit by a batton because they cant hit your brain with it but they can with this tazer! 50,000 volts @ 1/2 amp x 2 body shots and on head shot .

    • Jenny Phillips said

      From: Jenny Phillips
      Date: December 14, 2009 7:35:08 PM PST
      To: Robert Felo
      Subject: Fw:

      — On Tue, 12/15/09, Jenny Phillips wrote:

      From: Jenny Phillips
      Date: Tuesday, December 15, 2009, 3:34 AM

      Last night while in the hospital with my son who was having an asthma attack, I was a witness to a CHP officer being verbally abusive to a man and actually heard with my own ears the officer (thinking nobody was listening) admit to unnecessarily
      tazing him. I am trying to file a formal complaint but do not know the officers name. I was at Woodland Health Care in Woodland, Ca and the victims name is Robert Felo. The name of the officer who was involved is all I am asking so I may file a citizens complaint.

      Thank You

      Jenny Phillips

  2. Injustice in w sac said

    West Sacramneto Pokice Departmnet is not fair at all. I have had incidents with them as well for no reason. Another thing i see in West Sac is that every black man that walks or rides a bike is always pulled over. I have lived here for 2.5 years and have never seen as much rasism in a town in my life.

  3. Regina Gutierrez said

    Yes, West Sacramento police are very prejudiced against minorities and all non whites or people that are from out town….

  4. SandmanFSMC said

    I have to say, I am glad to see a site dedicated to this issue. Sac P.D. has been harassing me and my club for some time.
    They have decided that they don’t want motorcycle clubs in Sacramanto. Even though we are a completely legal, friendly and family based club. Many of the clubs in Sacramento are nonviolent clubs. If you ask the neighbors around M.C. clubhouses you will find that they are happy with their neighbors and glad to have them. As a rule clubs move into bad neighborhoods because that’s what they can afford. Within months, the crime rate drops and the neighborhood becomes much safer. It was no different for us. We moved into a place down town, We didn’t tolerate drug dealers, whores and gang members. They moved on and now the neighbors who have not been able to park their cars outside in fear of having it broken into, are now parking in the newly painted spaces they created outside and loving it.
    Well, that will be changing soon. The Sac .D. has made threats using “Code Enforcement” to back them up. They have now said to our landlord that they will attack all 3 of his businesses and his vendors and use code enforcement to make his businesses close their doors unless he makes us leave. So, we have cleared out, Sac P.D. wins again. But it makes me think, don’t they think that wearing a patch, strong arming people, carrying a gun, and forcing people out of their homes is gang activity, and they are supposed to put a stop to it, but instead they are the ones doing this.
    They have attacked us simply because we all ride a motorcycle.That’s it. We do not commit crimes, we do not cause trouble, we do not use drugs and we do not threaten people, yet the Sac P.D. has decided that we are trouble. That we are some sort of threat and that they are going to join the “thought police” and convict us for what they THINK we might do.
    I am tired of the GANG known as Sac P.D. and would like to join in an effort to make them take responsibility for their actions.

  5. Hi, My name is Albert and a detective recently came to my house with three other officers. They left a card with my mother since I was at work. It is a detectives card from the “criminal intelligence unit.” The detective says it is just a complaint against me when I had called him back over the telephone. The detective will not tell me when I had asked him three times- he did not answer/tell my mother either when she had asked him. I wanted your input on this. Is this normal procedure or is he targeting me.I live in a gentrifying neighborhood where I do not dress or act like the new people that have moved in all around me. I am not in violation of anything criminal. Thank you for your time in reading this- I just need an honest answer on the proper procedure for a complaint because I feel he was asking to many questions without giving me any information. Thank you very much for your time in reading this* Albert

  6. There is an unjust detective who will not acknowledge truth and he has come to harrass me inside of my workplace. They would not respect my request to seek legal counsel and have a lawyer present. They blocked the door detaining me against my will. I had to get up and actually manuever around them to get to the door; then as I was doing this the detective officer Beezeley started yelling at me calling me a liar and a piece of sh– and other profanities. I would like to make a complaint against this officer and all the others present in that room who did not respect my 5th amendment rights. If you have any suggestions you can send me an e-mail at:

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