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Sacramento Copwatch
, with Justice Reform Coalition (JRC) as our co-sponsor, will be hosting an Anti-Oppression/Anti-Racism Training on Saturday, March 6 from 11am to 4:30(ish)pm at the JRC house on 3200 42nd St. (directions below).

This unique training, which examines systems of racism and oppression in our culture, will address the root causes of racism that precipitate the debilitating social conditions facing communities of color. The training will seek to create a safe space to share our ideas and experiences, as well as how we can best utilize our knowledge of racism and race privilege to effectively participate in struggles for social justice. All of this, we hope, will lead to new ways of thinking about and creating systemic change through justice-based community work.

Our training will include such topics as:

  • Root causes of institutional racism
  • Becoming an effective white ally
  • Role playing and theater that dramatize racial matters
  • How to Copwatch
  • Ideas for social and community change

Sacramento Copwatch has invited two trainers from Oakland, CA, to facilitate this anti-oppression/anti-racism training. Trainers will include Marcelo Garzo, Food Justice Allyship Coordinator at People’s Grocery. Marcelo will be assisted by Max Cadji, Greenhouse Coordinator for food justice organization People’s Grocery.

This event is free, but we do encourage a donation anywhere from $1 to $25 to benefit Sacramento Copwatch and pay for training expenses. Food and beverages will be served!

Pass this email along to representatives of your organization and those who you feel might be interested in these discussions. PLEASE RSVP to Josh by email no later than Thursday, March 4 so that we can make arrangements. Limit is 20 participants, so first-come-first-serve, and the event will be canceled if less than six people RSVP. I will send out an email the week of the event as a reminder. Also, check out the Copwatch blog at for updates as the training gets closer…and just to see what we’re all about!

Directions: Between MLK and Stockton, headed south on 42nd from Broadway, pass 7th Ave. and house will be on your right- 3200 42nd St. Sac, 95817.

Hope to see you there!


Sacramento Copwatch will be conducting a Know Your Rights training on Tuesday, Nov. 17 at 9:30am at the Loaves and Fishes complex, which is on the corner of North 12th St. and North C St. (1321 North C St.). The training will be done as part of the weekly Sacramento Homeless Organizing Committee (SHOC) meeting, so most of the participants will be members of Safeground Sacramento. This would be a good opportunity to learn about your legal and constitutional rights and meet some amazing homeless advocacy organizers who are behind getting a permanent and legal campground for the Sacramento homeless community. There are a ton of volunteer opportunities at Loaves and Fishes if you’re looking to get involved. It’s an amazing organization that I wish I knew about earlier (

Here are the specific directions to the Delaney Center, which is where the meeting is:  it’s in the Loaves & Fishes complex at the far northern end of the complex at the corner of Ahern and 12th Streets.  You can get there from parking on North C Street and walking up alley next to the fire station, going up alley and then up a walking path, following the sign that says “Delaney Center”.  Or you can park in a parking lot at the Delaney Center.


3 Responses to “Upcoming Events”

  1. max said

    Good work§

  2. Carter H. said

    As an avid cop-watch supporter, I would sinerely ask that you people AVOID the “race card” in any and all of your activity.

    Thugs are thugs and thats the bottom line. When a thug gets a badge, its not anything but his desire to be the bully that drives him.

    When you play the “race card,” you seriously turn away members of the public who otherwise would support Cop-Watch and all its goals.

    Here is an example in this link. Notice its a BLACK cop ??????? Thugs and criminals with police badges come in all colors. Stick to the core of your goals…. find and expose criminal cops. Don’t destroy your support base among the public by foolishly playing the “race card.” Focus on cop thugs. Focus on cop criminals. Focus on cop liars. Focus on cop corruption. Expose them widely and publicly for every violation of law you can pin on them… DUI, theft, rape, murder, spouse beatings, shoplifting, etc.

    Believe me. I’m in public relations. I know that you are making a mistake when you attempt to link race to criminal cops. Although race might be an issue in some cases, just leave it alone. Its a loser angle to work from.

    Good luck.

    • cadburyjedi, john h. said

      thanks for the comment. i think race is a big issue, not necessarily for the police officer. once a police officer puts a badge on, he or she adopts the dominant culture and philosophy of the police institution. that’s why officers of all races might use police brutality, racial profiling, etc. So yeah, I agree with you, the race of the officer doesn’t matter as much because any disposition or mentality shared by some of an individual race is wiped out by the mentality officers must adopt in order to be police officers.

      however, race IS a HUGE factor when it comes to individuals arrested or detained by the police. there’s no doubt about that. rookie police are often sent to low-income communities of color to get practice arresting folks. sure they might find drugs in these communities, but they’ll find just as much in white communities, but cops don’t go into drugs, even though they can find it just as easily. race is a huge determiner of whether or not somene is stopped by the police, searched, treated, etc. that is why when an officer of color, for example, take his badge and uniform off and goes on vacation, that officer is still subject to that very negative treatment associated with police treatment of minorities in a new city where the police don’t know he is a fellow officer.

      although we like to pretend that race is not an issue in this country and in policing, it very much so is.

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