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Sac Copwatch is re-grouping..

Posted by cadburyjedi, john h. on July 14, 2010

Yes, that’s right, we’re taking a break. We’re worn out and have lost momentum. We’re trying to start up Oak Park Copwatch, but we don’t have enough people into the serious task of starting Copwatch in an entirely new area. We’ll still be Copwatching in downtown, but for now, because we’re low on people who can do it consistently, we’re going to take a break, re-group and come back stronger than ever. If you’re interested in Copwatching, please let us know and we will meet to go out and do this. Until then, though, Copwatching might be a little inconsistent.

Stay with us!


5 Responses to “Sac Copwatch is re-grouping..”

  1. Regina Gutierrez said

    Hi all…

    Thank you for being out there. I thought I was the only person looking out for myself and other innocent people…

    Again, thank you for this site and for making this huge effort to protect the innocent.

    I constantly get reports of people being accused of doing things and set up by the police for never even entertaining a thought of doing wrong, but there are the police pointing fingers and making false accusations…

    Tired of police abuse, and murder of innocent people by the police…

    It makes me think that the police need to be replaced by a different system…
    A different system that is for the people and by the people.
    The police seem to forget that they get paid by you, by us and by the people and not some unseen entity.

    We can vote them out if they don’t stop murdering innocent people. We have the right to due process first and not to be murdered first and asked questions later…

  2. Ciji Sanchez said

    I am extremely interested in attending a Cop watch. I love what you guys are doing. What a way to bring the community together and provide checks and balances. I’m hopping maybe to get a Cop watch going in Elk Grove. The Cops are not shooting anybody but they do harass everybody and criminalize our youth for nothing much but just being kids. Please tell me how I can get involved. Thank you & keep up the good work. Peace

  3. Jay said

    I maybe be able to help out again this fall.

  4. This makes me so sad…this is one of the reasons why they can get away with the injustices they committ against the community. There are not enought people who are willing to act and do something. I hope you regain the momentum because you are essential to a productive society. I have been in Sacramento for less than a year and I have been illegally detained over 4 times and illegally arrested once. I am also a victim of police brutality. I was never a “suspicious” character before coming to CA, but all of the sudden I look like a criminal to police in this area. Anyway, I will be checking back and spreading the word by letting people know you are here.

    • cadburyjedi, john h. said

      keep up the good fight! if you need any info for knowing your rights and what to do when you are detained by the police, look under the “resource” section of the blog. there’s a lot of good info on there to avoid giving the police any unnecessary info, how to avoid conversations with police, what to do when you’re stopped, etc.

      thanks for your comment and interest in copwatching and hopefully you feel inspired to do some too!

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