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Interested in Oak Park Copwatch and internships?

Posted by cadburyjedi, john h. on May 26, 2010

Come to a meeting on Sunday, March 30 at my place. Free pizza and drinks! We’ll be discussing an upcoming two-day class that pays $50 to participants who complete it! Those chosen for the class will also have the opportunity to do a social justice internship with us, which pays $10 an hour. All of this is to gear up and recruit people for the new Oak Park Copwatch shifts that will be starting as the summer heats up.

Leave a comment with your email address if you want information about the upcoming meeting to discuss the class and internship possibilities.


2 Responses to “Interested in Oak Park Copwatch and internships?”

  1. Im very intrested in what your talking about. i wante to give insight from my point of view, Their is two sides to every coin. A community is comprized of all diffrent kinds of people, from all walks of life. What makes it work? finding a common thread that binds the very fabric of the people as a whole. Because like it or not sombody has to take the trash out.

    • cadburyjedi, john h. said

      thank you for your support. please let me know how you would like to work with sacramento copwatch.

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