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Posted by cadburyjedi, john h. on February 8, 2011

Copwatch on hold…

…Contact me for more information or if you want to help start it up again.



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Posted by cadburyjedi, john h. on September 4, 2010

Come check out this event that will benefit the Sacramento League of Urban Gardeners (SLUG…, your very own Sac Copwatch and the Sol Collective (

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Sac Copwatch is re-grouping..

Posted by cadburyjedi, john h. on July 14, 2010

Yes, that’s right, we’re taking a break. We’re worn out and have lost momentum. We’re trying to start up Oak Park Copwatch, but we don’t have enough people into the serious task of starting Copwatch in an entirely new area. We’ll still be Copwatching in downtown, but for now, because we’re low on people who can do it consistently, we’re going to take a break, re-group and come back stronger than ever. If you’re interested in Copwatching, please let us know and we will meet to go out and do this. Until then, though, Copwatching might be a little inconsistent.

Stay with us!

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Sacramento Copwatch Promo

Posted by cadburyjedi, john h. on June 14, 2010

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Interested in Oak Park Copwatch and internships?

Posted by cadburyjedi, john h. on May 26, 2010

Come to a meeting on Sunday, March 30 at my place. Free pizza and drinks! We’ll be discussing an upcoming two-day class that pays $50 to participants who complete it! Those chosen for the class will also have the opportunity to do a social justice internship with us, which pays $10 an hour. All of this is to gear up and recruit people for the new Oak Park Copwatch shifts that will be starting as the summer heats up.

Leave a comment with your email address if you want information about the upcoming meeting to discuss the class and internship possibilities.

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Posted by cadburyjedi, john h. on April 23, 2010

we’ll be back on the streets on April 30. meet at 7pm at temple coffee on 10th between J and K in downtown sac.

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Posted by cadburyjedi, john h. on April 23, 2010

tony pirone, the cop that punched oscar grant before he was killed by johannes meserle, was just fired for taking part in the incident! victory for the people!

BART cops get tasers taken away after sergeant fires taser from cop car on a 13-year-old fleeing the scene. (GREAT NEWS FOR CIVILIANS EVERYWHERE)

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Anti-racism/Anti-oppression training guide

Posted by cadburyjedi, john h. on April 4, 2010

For those of you who missed the Sac Copwatch/JRC Anti-oppression/Anti-racism training, here’s a guide that I put together that examines racial profiling as an extension of institutional racism. I include arguments for and against racial profiling, as well as a a history of the role of the police, a brief discussion of how “reasonable suspicion” is used to target certain groups, an outline that covers what Copwatching is and finally how Copwatch can help build more just communities everywhere.

Copwatch Anti-oppression/Anti-racism guide (audience copy)

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New Copwatch Time!

Posted by cadburyjedi, john h. on April 2, 2010

With the spring rolling in and the days getting longer, we’ll be on the streets a little later these days.

We’re still meeting at Temple Coffee on 10th between J and K for Copwatch shifts, but now we’re meeting at 6:30 pm and leaving at 7.

Hope to see you there!

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NEW EVENT on March 6! Anti-Oppression/Anti-Racism Training

Posted by cadburyjedi, john h. on February 19, 2010


Sacramento Copwatch
, with Justice Reform Coalition (JRC) as our co-sponsor, will be hosting an Anti-Oppression/Anti-Racism Training on Saturday, March 6 from 11am to 4:30(ish)pm at the JRC house on 3200 42nd St. (directions below).

This unique training, which examines systems of racism and oppression in our culture, will address the root causes of racism that precipitate the debilitating social conditions facing communities of color. The training will seek to create a safe space to share our ideas and experiences, as well as how we can best utilize our knowledge of racism and race privilege to effectively participate in struggles for social justice. All of this, we hope, will lead to new ways of thinking about and creating systemic change through justice-based community work.

Our training will include such topics as:

  • Root causes of institutional racism
  • Becoming an effective white ally
  • Role playing and theater that dramatize racial matters
  • How to Copwatch
  • Ideas for social and community change

Sacramento Copwatch has invited two trainers from Oakland, CA, to facilitate this anti-oppression/anti-racism training. Trainers will include Marcelo Garzo, Food Justice Allyship Coordinator at People’s Grocery. Marcelo will be assisted by Max Cadji, Greenhouse Coordinator for food justice organization People’s Grocery.

This event is free, but we do encourage a donation anywhere from $1 to $25 to benefit Sacramento Copwatch and pay for training expenses. Food and beverages will be served!

Pass this email along to representatives of your organization and those who you feel might be interested in these discussions. PLEASE RSVP by email no later than Thursday, March 4 so that we can make arrangements. Limit is 20 participants, so first-come-first-serve, and the event will be canceled if less than six people RSVP. I will send out an email the week of the event as a reminder. Also, check out the Copwatch blog at for updates as the training gets closer…and just to see what we’re all about!

Directions: Between MLK and Stockton, headed south on 42nd from Broadway, pass 7th Ave. and house will be on your right- 3200 42nd St. Sac, 95817.

Hope to see you there!

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